What is Duxford Saturday Workshop?

Duxford Saturday Workshop was established in 1972 with the aim of promoting the performing arts to children and adults in the local community.

It now has around 300 members, with all sessions/classes being run by volunteers.  The Workshop also owns over 200 instruments which are available for hire.

During normal operation, members can participate in ensembles, learn how to play variety of instruments and perform locally.

Our groups include a beginners’ orchestra, an advanced orchestra and jazz bands, as well as a choir, ensembles for strings, recorders, guitars, ukuleles and wind instruments.

There are also two creative drama and music groups for children, a smaller group for KS1 children, and a larger music theatre group for children in KS2 & 3 from the age of five.

During our reduced programme of activities, we are delighted to continue with many of our usual ensembles – please see our Timetables

page for further details.

For musical information, general enquiries, questions or comments, please use our Contact page to get in touch with the Workshop’s director, Arwen Gilbert.