In more ‘normal’ times, Duxford Workshop aims to keep its charges to a minimum to enable access for all, no matter their financial circumstances.  We have an annual membership charge of £25 per person with discounts applicable to 3 or more family members.  A weekly door fee of £3 for adults and £1 for children is paid by means of an automatic check-in system and membership card.  This is topped up periodically by members, the balance being paid either in advance or arrears.

It is also possible to hire instruments from Duxford Workshop at a rate of £25 per instrument, per year.

“Covid-times” payment system (please note that we have suspended the annual membership fee in light of our reduced programme)

1. It’s really important that when you make a door fee payment you include the correct Workshop reference

The format should be as follows: SUB/space/UserID.  Your UserID is the unique code we have assigned you based for your first and second names.  For example (as for the Director, Arwen Gilbert):


If you are an individual account holder, the appropriate UserID to user will be your own.

If you are part of family group it will be the UserID of the designated account holder.  

You will be able to find the correct Account UserID on the account statements we send out at the end of each term.  Please don’t just make a guess – if you are unsure of your UserID, please email the Director.  Non members wishing to make a payment should also seek advice on how to do this.

2. Please avoid as far as possible making multiple small payments, each of which needs to be processed separately.

3. Payments for reasons other than door fee charges can be made in the same way.

For example, donations should be referenced using the prefix DON followed by the account UserID, instrument charges using the prefix INS and extra afternoon sessions at the DCC using the prefix provided by the group tutor.

If you do not have the necessary sort code and account details for Workshop, please contact the Director.