Duxford Workshop Payment information

We aim to keep our costs and fees to a minimum to promote as wide access as possible.

  • We charge an annual registration fee of £25 per person (£20 per person for those registering on or before 10th September), with discounts applicable to 3 or more family members.
  • Members also pay a termly attendance fee of £25 for adults and £5 for children to cover the 10 potential sessions per term.*
  • Attendance fees for Term 1 are not payable until October half term, but payments will be required before the start of Terms 2 and 3. We generally run a more limited set of activities in the second half of the summer term and so members can choose to attend only the first half at a reduced cost.
  • It is also possible to hire instruments from Duxford Workshop at a rate of £25 per instrument, per year.

*please note that refunds are not possible for either member or tutor absence


All members are allocated a unique 9 character Personal ID and issued with a scannable membership card.  The IDs are used to ensure that fees can be calculated, and payments allocated correctly; the cards are used to gather attendance data for general monitoring purposes.

  1. For single members your Personal ID will also be your Account Holder ID.
  2. For family groups or couples who have chosen to pay collectively, one member will be nominated as the Account Holder for the group (note that this need not be an adult).

Account statements are emailed termly to all Account Holders.


We request that, to minimise admin effort, fee payments should be made by bank transfer.  If this is not possible, however, though other forms of payment may be accepted.   Account Holders may pay all or part of the year’s fees in advance if they wish.  Our bank details are:

Account Name:          Duxford Saturday Workshop
Account number:       22426760
Sort Code:                    30-62-62

Some banks have a limit on the number characters allowed for Account Names. If you run into this problem, try just typing in as much of the Account Name as the field allows.

It is crucial when making fee payments that you include your Account Holder ID as a reference so that we can recognise and link payments to the right members.

MAKING OTHER KINDS OF PAYMENT (e.g. special events, donations)

If you are making a bank transfer to Workshop for anything other than paying your member fees, this must be done as a separate transaction. In this case you must also include a prefix as well as your Account ID to distinguish it from Member Fee payments and to make its purpose clear. For example if making a donation you should use the payment reference:  DON YOURNAMEX.  You will be advised as to the correct prefix for special events as they occur.

If you run into any problems making payments, contact us at duxfordsaturdayworkshop@gmail.com

This information can be downloaded using this link Duxford Workshop payment info 2022